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Meet the people who have completed the 2022 3T course and could be part of your crew.

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Hi! My name is Laurina. When I first started the course, I thought I wanted to be a tour/production assistant and eventually manager. Having a work history in local government, I thought it was a good skills transfer. Little did I know that audio, RF and systems tech would call to me. Having met some incredible people along the way, I’ve been able to not only shadow some amazing sound engineers but work with some of the mentors, do FOH engineering and tour manage.

Since finishing the course, I’ve taken an RF course with Shure, I’m looking into doing Ableton training and have been tour managing and FOH engineering for a number of bands and artists.

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Hey (Real Model) Folks😊

I’m Juke Lemanjá, I am a Drum Tech ( Tour-Studio-Live Performance…), Backline Technician, Drummer- Stage Manager- Stage Runner (Runner) – Event & Festival Organiser, Co-Song/Writer, Artist Liaison…

I am so grateful and honoured that I was and still am part of 3T CREW!!! I learned so much about life and myself. I meet so many amazing beautiful multi-talented folks😊💐🙏🏾💪🏾👊🏾💜.

The Drum-Tour-Live Tech Training 3T CREW course has significantly propelled my career in the live music industry by expanding my network and gaining a wide range of skills. Recently I have been working as a part-time Backline Tech as I have a passion for Practical Work…& of the arts/music and Drum tech. In my free time, I enjoy playing the drums, writing, and organising live music arts creative events…

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Hi I’m Lavine I am an Artist and an all-around creative, my main areas of specialism are all things Front of House both Audio and Visual. (Sound Engineering, Lighting Operation). The 3t Training course taught me about a variety of roles within the touring side of the music industry, expanded my network, built up my technical skills, and informed me about the necessary self-care needed whilst on the road.

Since graduating I have been keeping busy with some local crew work working at various events and festivals, event management for creative events in my area, and landed my first Lighting gig at a local theatre show!

In my spare time, I’m creating music of my own, climbing, or training at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Dojo.

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Heya, I’m Monique. I am a Musician, as well as Sound Engineer.

Before the course, I graduated from University having studied Audio Engineering, but I wanted more hands-on experience within the touring industry, and 3t enabled me to do that.
The course gave me the confidence to ask questions, learn with likeminded people, as well as develop my skill set further, including the importance of networking and putting yourself out there.

My main interests are sound engineering, both FOH and monitors, backline tech, playback tech, all the techs you can think of. I also want to tour manage/assist, as well as promo repping at some point in my career.

Since the course ended, I have taken a RF workshop with Shure, I have worked at local venues doing FOH at events to gain my experience, continued to shadow my mentor Fabrice, as well as other Sound Engineers I meet along the way to expand my knowledge further.
I want learn more about Ableton live, as I feel like it’s a good skill to have.

I’m looking forward to what the future holds, and I hope to see more ethnic women/non-binary people on tour, it’s about time. I am forever grateful for all the support around me.

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Hi I’m Diana aka Namugga, I’m a feen for all things music.

I’ve had the luxury of learning about all the various departments and skill sets in the live entertainment industry since beginning the 3T course. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know other extraordinarily brilliant, competent, and compassionate women who have generously offered their support and advice.

Since completing the course, I’ve started: Working as a promotor Rep, providing local crew and audio engineering for Sofar Sounds. Most recently, I assisted with production for the women’s UEFA at Wembley with Global Touring Office and also helped with RF for the dancers during the Opening Ceremony.

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Hi I’m Wei! I’m a lighting tech/op and programmer (MA2)/LD. I mainly worked in Tokyo, Japan and internationally before 2019. Now, I’m based in London and would love to travel around the world!

Before I joined 3T May 2022 course, I have been studying a Master degree in Stage and Production Management at Guildford School of Acting since 2021. As I’m looking to broaden my career to include production/stage management aspect. For the same reason, I’ve undertaken 3T course to gain a wider range of technical skills we need for live events/touring. Because all the trainings were practical and taught by the active professionals from the industry, 3T truly provided us the best environment and support to get our foot in the door of live music/touring world.

After 3T, I completed my work experience as an Assistant Stage Manager on Main Stage at Parklife festival and a Production Assistant at Bluedot Festival with Engine No. 4. Now, I look forward to starting my touring life as a professional lighting tech:)

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Hi, I’m Toni, and I’m a sound engineer. The 3T course came at the perfect time, as I recently graduated from the University of West London in Live Sound Engineering, but since it was during the pandemic, I didn’t have that many opportunities to undertake some of the practical elements of my course.

The 3T Course covered so much ground and enabled me to pick up skills in a wide variety of areas, including playback and tour management, but also gave me the opportunity to put those skills to use in a practical environment through work experience – our tutors and guest speakers were incredible!

Since the course, I’ve become a regular tech at Amazing Grace (a venue in London Bridge), been a FOH engineer at the Rabbit Hole Stage at Glasto, assisted with backline and tour management for Cory Henry, and worked a show at Ronnie’s. In my free time, I also manage my company One Sound Music, which produces music content primarily through our YouTube channel – closing on 2M+ views so it’s exciting times all round!

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Bio incoming.

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Hi, I’m Crystal and I specialise as a tour manager and a guitar/backline technician.

I’ve trained in classical music for most of my life, as orchestra management, stage management, and production management for orchestras and music venues. The mentors on the 3T course helped me expand and transfer those skills to work in a live music touring setting with direct training from industry specialists. A varied skill set with a new perspective in live music has helped me enjoy jumping into these specialist areas of touring, and doing this alongside my fellow female graduates in an area that has typically been a heavily-male industry has been an inspiring and motivating experience.

Since the Big Weekend and the tours I have been on beyond that, this course has let me fulfil being a freelancing TM and backline tech, as well as a house/duty manager at a music venue. After graduating from the 3T course, I have gained incredible opportunities travelling around London and Europe with the artists Seed., Keziah Jones and Brown Penny.


  • Sony Music
  • Native Management
  • Nao
  • Mura Masa
  • GR&F
  • Plus private individuals
  • Zeal
  • VDC
  • Audio Technica
  • Allen & Heath
  • Shure
  • TPi Magazine
  • Strictly FX
  • Robe
  • StageTruck
  • Solotech
  • Jorja Smith
  • Get Hire
  • Termnial Studios
  • Silverbox Studios
  • Video Wall Technologies
  • Colour Sound Experiment
  • AJ Sutherland
  • Fliss Jackson
  • Felicity Hall
  • Tokio Myers
  • Lake Malice
  • Nao
  • Mura Masa
  • Joanne Croxford
  • Keely Myers
  • Michelle Shaiyen
  • Steve Hough
  • Genny Turay
  • Nick Gosling
  • Selena Dion
  • Kariss Townsend
  • Perusi Kakaire
  • Sunny Jaspal
  • Emily Odamtten
  • Helena Scotland
  • Carmen Wagner
  • Gavin Carroll
  • Iman Muhammad
  • Henry Colborne
  • Matt Greig
  • Jack Drury
  • Jaz Hewitt
  • Franki McDade
  • Hadyn Williams
  • Amy Kerr
  • Nick Turner
  • Femi Bello
  • Laura Pope
  • Inga Featherstone
  • Ruth Sutherland
  • Jim Sutherland
  • Evelina Gumileva (videos)
  • Mark Sutherland (photos)


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